One way to support Let's Plant is through volunteer work. If you are interested in this option, please write us an email to:
Currently, we are looking for support in the following areas (the announcements are currently only available in German):

A rugged tree seemingly having meny trunks.

Do you want to actively work for a world worth living in harmony with nature? Do you want to take action against climate change? Do you want to build and protect ecosystems that are ecologically valuable and at the same time offer good living and income conditions for the local people? Do you want to promote the awareness that progressive degradation of ecosystems does not only affect the people of the respective regions, but all people in this world? Do you want to develop concepts for sustainable agro-forestry? Do you want to plan and implement reforestation projects in countries of the Global South?

Then become a member of Let's Plant! by simply filling out the online form and submitting it. If you prefer to fill out a paper form and send it to us by post or as a scan via e-mail, you are welcome to download the PDF form. If you have any questions about membership, simply contact us via: or via our social media channels.

Water basin being filled.

If you want to support Let's Plant e.V. financially, every contribution counts, whether small or large, regular or one-time. All members of Let's Plant support our activities on a voluntary basis and do not receive any remuneration. Your donation will be fully used to reach our goals and to realize our vision!

Our account details:
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As a non-profit organization, we can issue you a donation receipt (in German: "Zuwendungsbestätigung"). Please contact our treasurer Alicia Fert ( Note: In Germany, as proof for donations up to 300€ the bank statement or transfer voucher is sufficient.