1. Membership Application
I hereby apply for membership in the non-profit association Let's Plant e.V.

2. My annual membership fee is:
1: Please send appropriate proof to "vorstand@lets-plant.org" and inform the board when the training/studies is/are completed.
2: Families are association members who, as a group of related people, have the same primary residence. Please inform the board about this.

3. Additional amount (optional):

4.SEPA direct debit mandate:
Creditor identification number: DE31ZZZ00002213242
Mandate reference: (will be communicated after joining)
I hereby authorize the Let's Plant e.V. association to collect my membership fee from my account annually by direct debit until revoked. At the same time, I instruct my credit institution to honor the direct debits drawn on my account by the Let’s Plant e.V. association.

5. Submission
This online membership application is only possible if you have full business ability, i. e. if you are above 18 years of age. If you are below this age, please download and fill out the PDF file and ask your legal representative (e.g. your parents) to sign and send the document in your name.
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