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The non-profit organization Let's Plant e.V. is currently managed by a board of three. Part of the Let's Plant philosophy is to discuss and find solutions together and make decisions. Approaches to solutions and decisions are not only discussed or made within the board, but the association members are involved in these processes as far as possible.


Dr. Marco Hödtke

Dr. Marco Hödtke is the president of Let's Plant e.V. and holds a PhD in agri­cultural science. In the nineties, he was involved in a project in the context of small-­scale agri­culture in Brazil. After a professional re-­orientation, he has been working as an IT expert since 2001 and is equipped with many years of experience in software develop­ment and service manage­ment. As president he is involved in the adminis­tration and manage­ment of both the association and our project in Ethiopia.
Dr. Marco Hödtke on LinkedIn Dr. Marco Hödtke on LinkedIn


Dominik Suri

Dominik Suri is vice president of Let's Plant e.V. He is enrolled in master's programs at the University of Bonn in both economics and agricultural and food economics. His research focuses on issues of environmental and resource economics. For Let's Plant e.V. he takes on administrative and organizational tasks. He is responsible for marketing and our social media presence. He is also involved in the management of our reforestation project in Ethiopia.
Dominik Suri on LinkedIn Dominik Suri on LinkedIn


Bernd Müller

Bernd Müller is the treasurer of Let's Plant e.V. He holds a degree in finance and worked in the public sector of a tax authority until his retirement. From his more than 30-year long career, he brings with him great expertise in the financial sector and is also a passionate hobby gardener. He is responsible for the accountancy of Let's Plant e.V. and is involved in the project management of our project in Ethiopia.


Alicia Fert

Alicia Fert is a volunteer at Let’s plant e.V. She holds a degree in political science and works in the international development cooperation. After her long-time commitment in other NGOs, she brings with her expertise in fundraising and organization development. She is a committed person to the environment protection and conservation, and mostly engaged in preserving biodiversity in her hobby garden.
Alicia Fert on LinkedIn Alicia Fert on LinkedIn


Dr. Christine Natt

Dr. Christine Natt is a founding member of Let's Plant e.V. She holds a PhD in agricultural science and has been working at the Federal Office for Agriculture and Food (BLE) and its predecessor organizations since 1992. Among other obligations, she was responsible for the successful implementation of the federal organic farming program and other forms of sustainable agriculture. She has headed the Research, Innovation and Sustainability department since 2013.


Dr. Girma Mensuro Kelboro

Dr. Girma Kelboro Mensuro holds a PhD in agricultural science. His scientific field is agro­sociology. He specializes in the interface between natural resource management, environmental protection and socio-economic development. His research interests are governance in agriculture and rural development, institutions, innovation and knowledge in the fields of biodiversity conservation, agriculture, livelihoods and sustainability.
Dr. Girma Mensuro Kelboro on LinkedIn Dr. Girma Mensuro Kelboro on LinkedIn


Dr. Michael Brüntrup

Dr. Michael Brüntrup is a founding member and part of the advisory board of Let's Plant e.V. He studied agricultural sciences at the Technical University of Munich / Weihenstephan and did his doctorate at the University of Stuttgart-Hohenheim. After several years as a freelance development policy expert, he has been working at the German Development Institute (GDI) since 2003 on issues of agricultural development, food security and rural development. For several years he has also focused on drought and land degradation policies, including within the framework of the UNCCD. Its geographical focus is sub-Saharan Africa.
Dr. Michael Brüntrup on LinkedIn Dr. Michael Brüntrup on LinkedIn


Nayara Atella Hödtke

Nayara Atella Hödtke is a founding member of Let's Plant e.V. and is studying biology with a focus on nature conservation and botany at the University of Bonn. In 2019, together with a fellow student, she started the Meckenheim insect meadow project "Meckenheim blüht auf", in which fallow urban areas are planted with wildflowers, thereby enhancing both ecology and aesthetics. In Let's Plant e.V., she wants to ensure that biodiversity is also taken into account as a goal in the restoration of degraded areas.