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School Project for Reforestation of an Area in Ethiopia

According to the objective of Let's Plant e.V., an eroded/degraded area is to be restored in cooperation with the environmental group of the German school in Addis Ababa and a second local school in Addis Ababa. The contact to the German school in Addis Ababa exists. 

With the support of the Ethiopian Forestry Society, we are currently looking for an area that is earmarked for restoration/reforestation by the city administration of Addis Ababa.  This area should be a maximum of one hour's drive from the German school and be of a size that can be managed by the students with phased support from local workers. 

The aim is to plant local tree species and to look after them over a longer period of time so that the trees can establish themselves sustainably. n addition to sustainable reforestation, the personal experience of the individual students and the multiplier effect through the students are the goals of this project.

The following concrete steps are planned:

  • Localization of an area for reforestation (currently in work).
  • Decision for local tree species depending on the area (height, precipitation, soil, etc.).
  • Contacting another local school in the vicinity of the area.
  • Preparation of a small tree nursery on the premises of the German school.
  • Acquisition of seeds (October 2020).
  • Sowing (November 2020).
  • Preparation of the area with the support of local workers (April/May 2021).
  • Planting the seedlings (June 2021).
  • Care of the seedlings/watering.

The time of planting is chosen to coincide with the beginning of the rainy season in order to minimize the effort of irrigation.

The donations are needed for

  • getting the seeds,
  • nursery material,
  • paying local labor to assist with planting, hole digging and irrigation.


Donations can be send to

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