The foto shows a pasteuralist with his cattle under an acacia.

The predecessor of this association was an initiative that was also called "Let's Plant!". Against the background of ethical dilemmas related to the production of biofuels, the initiative aimed at the rehabilitation of unused, degraded land for the benefits of sustainable biofuel production. In this way, progressive deforestation and social tensions related to land-use changes should be mitigated. At that time, these problems were increasingly discussed due to the political promotion of biofuels.

In the course of the conceptual development and construction of the first website from 2015 onwards, the original approach described above was extended and the more general objective of the restoration of degraded areas moved into the focus of the initiative.

The first contacts of the later founding members of the association took place during the event series "Drought Resilience in Sub-Sahran Africa" in early 2017 organized by the  German Development Institute (GDI) in Bonn.  On July 10, 2018, the association was founded by seven people of different interests and professional contexts. Let's Plant has been recognized since 02.08.2018 as a non-profit association and was registered on December 14 of the same year in the register of associations of the Bonn district court.